Lake Country

In 1979, Lake Oconee was completed by Georgia Power in order to produce hydro-electric power. The energy is provided by the falling waters at the Wallace dam, which turns the turbines and generates electricity. This enormous source of power is produced from the lake moving up and down only 18 inches a day! The lake itself is surrounded by three counties, Greene, Morgan, and Putnam and is fed by both the Apalachee and the Oconee rivers. This Georgia Power project served two very import purposes. First, was to provide power to the area and in doing so it also provided a 19,000-acre expanse of water that has an average depth of 21 feet, and to provide over 360 miles of shoreline for people to enjoy fishing, water-skiing, swimming, and boating. Lake Oconee is one of the largest lakes in the state. In fact, the name Oconee itself is a Creek Indian word meaning great waters. As mentioned prior this enormous lake provides all types of recreational activities to all its visitors and residents. The fishing on Lake Oconee is top notch. There are an estimated 430 pounds of fish per acre here, with roughly 35 pounds of it belonging to the large-mouthed bass species alone. Other species of fish inhabiting the lake are hybrids, bream, and crappie. As the water level drops and rises to produce energy, it also provides the lake with a current of moving water which gets the bait moving and triggers the fish to bite.

The lake also provides many different types of cover for the fish to hold to, such as standing timber, fallen trees, rock piles, points, and of course docks. Once these fish hangouts are found a fisherman can surely do well. For those who enjoy faster-paced activities, this huge lake is also a great place for water skiing and boating. If you are one of those who enjoys skiing, boating, and swimming, the clean waters of Lake Oconee are great for that too. Neither river that feeds the lake passes through any major industrial cities, which can contaminate the water that goes by them. Lake Oconee also has restrictions that do not allow boats with heads on its waters, and since the production of hydro-electricity is environmentally friendly there few contaminants in these waters. Whether you are a boater, skier, fisherman or you just want to have a home with a view of the beautiful lake, Lake Oconee is a destination for all to enjoy.


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